Immediately after these ages, a couple of things provides changed

Pursuing the Timeskip

Luffy wears an open, long-sleeved reddish cardigan having five keys (which ultimately shows the newest X-designed mark level most of their chest he obtained at the same time-Admiral Akainu), having a reddish sash tied up to their waist, a bit similar to Gol D. Roger’s gown. He has xxx a little high that is proven to be rather alot more muscular because of his training. This will be noticed in their some weightier neck, a whole lot more pronounced deltoids, and higher-discussed bust. [55] During the their battle with Sanji, Luffy manages to lose one of his true best teeth just after becoming strike by a Diable Jambe Joue Take to directly into their deal with. [56] But not, it expanded right back just after the guy used a container of dairy. [57]


During the Film step 3, he wears a purple clothing toward number “01” from inside the black colored in the middle. Good deer outfit that have an excellent fur finish and two tree branches getting antlers was also temporarily viewed.

Regarding the Grams-8 Arc, he infiltrates the brand new kitchens due to the fact a marine create, using a light cook uniform, a blue scarf toward his shoulder, and you will a light make cap covering his straw hat.

Through to the Timeskip

During his return to Marineford to give a silent prayer, Luffy was briefly shown with four characters written on his right arm spelling 3d2Y, [53] with the 3D crossed out to symbolize that the Straw Hat Pirates should meet up in 2 years (2Y) rather than the 3 days (3D) as planned after fleeing from Bartholomew Kuma. [54]