Torn between protecting their mom and completing this new trip, Percy fundamentally uses Poseidon’s Pearls to discover the destroyed gods’ facts

This new trio confronts Hades, god of one’s lifeless, just who thinks Percy stole the owner Bolt along with his Helm out of Darkness, which was including destroyed. While making things worse, Hades finds out the fresh bolt for the Percy’s back pack, to help you Percy’s treat and you may demands which he give it more than and you may he will render Percy their mom back. Instantly going back on Underworld, he finds out that war god Ares had set Learn Bolt about wallet whenever Chicago adult personals together with Hades’ Helm regarding Dark, and pressures the new jesus so you’re able to good duel getting arms of the bolt plus the head protection, in which he wins out of the blue because of your getting near to h2o and Ares becoming as well assertive.

A dark colored push later on found is Kronos concludes a keen infuriated Ares out of destroying Percy. Ares vanishes inside the divine form, leaving the fresh new bolt and you will Helm regarding Dark behind. Percy provides the helm towards Furies to go back they in order to Hades, exactly who in return sends right back Sally to the lady flat, in addition to threesome goes toward Ny to go back the brand new bolt to help you Zeus. Percy gets Medusa’s see Sally, who uses it to make Gabe for the a statue which was secured as the a statue.

Hades saved Percy’s mommy prior to she died from the Minotaur, outlining the new wonderful flash but Hades in addition to believed that Percy took his Helm regarding Dark that has been including destroyed

Percy goes back to Go camping 1 / 2 of-Bloodstream, in which people on camp congratulates your, Annabeth, and you will Grover because they have been the initial people to get back of a venture just like the Luke. After the summer months, Percy can’t p or subscribe seventh amount and accept his mom. He in the long run decides to wade illustrate to clear their brain, where he observes Luke degree in the swordplay. Because they later take in Coke together throughout the forest, Luke suggests he was about new theft of bolt and you can the new Helm away from Darkness, and vanishes. Although not, in advance of the guy leftover, the guy summons a gap scorpion to help you destroy Percy. Percy manages to kill they, nevertheless stabs their stinger to your Percy’s palm. The guy made an effort to achieve the go camping but collapses. But not, multiple forest nymphs bring him and immediately after being given ambrosia and nectar, Percy heals and you may decides to enroll in the new seventh amounts and you can go back to camp 2nd june.

The ocean out-of Giants

When Percy try assaulted from the Laistrygonian Creatures disguised since children within university in the a-game off dodgeball in the event that beasts start throwing canon balls within him, Annabeth rescues him and additionally Tyson one of Percy’s relatives in the their the latest school who had been within college or university to have a task. He was actually a Cyclopes and therefore explained why he had been most huge. On the road to camp, throughout the Grey Sisters’ Cab, that is a taxi business focus on from the Fates, Percy learns particular coordinates (the new coordinates with the finding the new Golden Wool) conducive to some thing the guy means. Percy finds go camping to discover the go camping lower than attack from the Colchis Bulls and you will pushes him or her back that have help from Tyson which is fireproof. He later finds out Thalia’s Pine tree try poisoned, definition the borders was weakened together with products director Chiron has come attributed because the he or she is Kronos’ son. Clarisse, brand new child away from Ares and you can Percy’s enemy, are assigned a quest to go to the sea away from Creatures (with the coordinates Percy gotten) to track down and you can access the Golden Wool, with data recovery energies getting plant life, pets, and you can humans which they need certainly to heal Thalia’s forest. Percy and you will Annabeth propose to go along with, however, Dionysus and Tantalus, the fresh new camp manager replacing Chiron once he had been discharged, rejected.