Whenever a guy and you can a lady have sex just before relationship

…sex external relationships, the fresh new Bible relation it as an excellent sin, once the gender external matrimony is actually an effective sin. You don’t need to have sex external marriage, you must go into marriage before knowing what intercourse is all about (R11, ADEZF girls adolescent)

.. new pleasure of one’s woman was already shed. The man may find this lady while the a second hand otherwise “Belgium” (utilized matter) or something like that (R5, ADEZM, male teenage).

What i know is the fact it’s so illegal it’s maybe not a good idea whilst causes the damage into the future. At all, in the event the person at some point becomes expecting she no longer goes on having the woman knowledge (R3, ADIKF, female adolescent).

Outcomes regarding pre-relationship sex in depth of the respondents become death of virginity, risk of hiring sexually carried attacks, undesired pregnancy, throwing of lady by male in charge whenever pregnancy takes place, losing out of school of the pregnant girl, the possibility of this new expecting woman trying to an enthusiastic abortion, and you can educational distraction to possess planetromeo teenagers and you can disgrace getting members of the family. Illustrative rates are provided lower than.

Everything i think about girls and boys having sexual intercourse prior to relationship is when you begin having sex which have a man and you may you’re not married to help you him the fresh new boy gets your expecting and you may get rid of you (R4, ADEZF, females teenage).

I believe they have not identified what they are for the reason that college to have, for the reason that it gender could make her or him never be timely and additionally they will be unable to pay attention to people example going on. (R4, ADEZM, men teenage).

I believe they are ruining their loved ones picture. Whenever a person grabs him or her into the a keen uncompleted building, the person you will mention their name these particular persons do this kind of evil, from there, they ily (R11, ADEZM, men respondent).

It (pre-marital intercourse) causes the destruction into the future since if anyone in the course of time gets pregnant she no longer continues with her training (R3, ADIKF, lady teenage)

Their opinions is actually one to pre-relationship sex leading to pregnancy permits a potential husband to determine that lady are fecund. Specifically, it actually was reported that certainly specific groups regarding most other Nigerian Says, pre-relationship sex is actually culturally acceptable and you will a woman is anticipated so you’re able to keeps a kid just before marriage to make sure that she’s fecund. Listed here are supporting prices.

What i consider is that up until the wedding often hold, they should features children (R2, ADIKM, male respondent)

…many people regularly point out that you should has actually intercourse in advance of matrimony once the pursuing the relationship they may n’t have students. (R3, ADEZM, male adolescent).

Most other causes given primarily by men participants getting threshold off pre-marital sex stem from this new misconception you to pre-relationship intercourse develops the new cervix so that kid birth will not be difficult. The brand new participants next discussed you to instead of exposure to pre-marital sex, one to does not enjoy gender when hitched and certainly will sense vexation throughout the intercourse. And additionally, that a person whom don’t do pre-relationship intercourse will not can make love in marriage and this when the boys don’t possess pre-marital intercourse once they era they are going to experience reproductive dilemmas. Based on certain men participants;

It is good to have sex particularly the ladies. It will help the women’s cervix to expand and it also suppresses challenge within the childbearing (R9, ADAFM, male adolescent).

Help having pre-relationship sex are conveyed primarily of the some of the men respondents

What i thought is the fact, whenever they grow without having gender, when they get married they will not understand how to make love with each other (R5, ADIKM, men teenage)